01 June 2011

Nokia developing WP7 app store

Nokia is rumoured to be developing an app store for its new smartphones launching later this year.

The app store will include Windows Phone 7 apps as well as apps for other platforms that Nokia supports.

In terms of the app store itself, Nokia and Microsoft will deliver a new, Nokia-branded application store, that combines the Windows Marketplace back-end with the convenience of operator-billing from Nokia.

What that means is that rather than having the standard look and feel that other WP7 hardware manufacturers have, Nokia will be allowed to do some branding and change the look and feel of the app store.

Once Mango is out, it is believed that a lot of developers will switch to WP7 development for the following reasons:

  • Writing apps for WP7 is easy and fast.
  • Nokia is encouraging all of its developers to move to the new environment by collaborating with MS and giving them free dev license.
  • The numbers of WP7 devices around the world are growing rapidly.
  • Apps make more money in the WP7 marketplace 

Interview with Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop can be found below

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