02 June 2011

Windows 8 for PC and Tablets

This week, Microsoft revealed a little of what to expect from the next Windows operating system.

A Windows 8-based PC is really a new kind of device, one that scales from touch-only small screens through to large screens, with or without a keyboard and mouse.
With its Windows Phone look and touch and tiles everywhere, it will be a major refresh, but there's a still a number of unanswered questions. Windows 8 will allow future tablets to easily be turned into fully functional Windows computers, since the OS is the same.

At first glance, Windows 8 looks a lot like the Windows Phone 7 operating system. The new user interface uses a "start screen" which offers up a series of live tiles for applications that show up-to-date information much like Windows Phone 7's OS.
Tapping on any of the live tiles takes a user into that app, while a swipe from the sides (right, left, top or bottom) will bring up various menu options.

There'll be two kinds of applications for Windows 8, one that runs in a traditional desktop, and the other pseudo-mobile apps based on HTML5 and Javascript. Multitasking is simply a matter of swiping running apps into the center of the screen.

Keyboard and mouse will still be options for both sets of programs, but there are multiple virtual sets of keys for different form factors, including a split keyboard for vertical slate use. Windows 8 will be aimed for both PC's and tablets.

Video below is giving us a better insight how Windows 8 will look like

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