21 May 2011

SAGE ERP X3 Conference

"In the era of cloud computing, social networking, mobility and information overload, how can an ERP vendor help mid-market businesses address global challenges? As we exit the global economic downturn, Sage has a unique vision of systems and strategies to help mid-market businesses achieve growth that makes sense."

Sage ERP X3 does not require your organization to adopt to the way it the system functions, instead it adopts to your way of doing business. Imagine a new purchase request is entered into the system, the system might redirect the request according to predefined category of purchases. Not only that the system is intuitive, but it is also simple and stable.

Sage ERP X3 also simplifies and accelerates all your exchanges with partners suppliers and remote employees as well as other remote locations such as warehouses
manufacturing plants. The system enables you to publish ERP processes, objects and sub-programs to make them easily accessible to web applications, pda, tables and other.

When it comes to implementation, the system supports growing business enabling them to implement only parts of the system now and add new functions later as business is growing.Internationaly Sage ERP X3 is available in 8 languages and legislations.

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