06 May 2011

Android taking over the market.....

It was only a matter of time when Google's Android operating system would become the dominate mobile platform. The Android operating system may soon own nearly 50% of the smartphone market. Blackberry had managed to hold onto its #1 title for a while, but that was only because it had such a commanding lead. The company behind Blackberry, RIM, has been sloughing off market share for over a year. In just the past 12 months it has dropped double-digit market share thanks mostly to Android. The iPhone hasn't really advanced much, but it isn't falling either.

Speaking of app development and app market there’s no doubt Android Market will at some point offer more applications for download and/or purchase than Apple’s App Store. 

In a recent report, app store analytics company Distimo forecasted that Android would surpass the App Store in size before the end of July 2011
German based research2guidance says that Android market will surely have more app and will blow past Apple's App store by August 2011.

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